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Rghb has the best personal trainers, specifically in South London. Fitness sessions can be undertaken within the home, local park, in a private gym, your place of work or any other suitable location, subject to arrangement and travel.

Our personal trainer’s have great ideas for individualised training sessions, creating exciting, inspirational and enjoyable regimes developed using our extremely high level of skills and knowledge regarding health and fitness. All trainers have to learn new skills yearly so rghb can stay on top of all new training methods, nutritional information, gym equipment, exercise toys and classes.

Richard Grosvenor CEO of rghb has been involved in the fitness industry for over 10 years. The experience has helped out with professionalism and the qualifications help to deliver great personal training sessions. He also has sports massage knowledge and education that help to, support any injury you may have and help with the recovery and rebuilding processes to ensure you are at 100% for the sports or activity.

Rghb has worked with people of all ages, fitness levels, abilities and goals – from weight loss, weight gain, summer body/beach body, 6 packs/core training, sports specific coaching to mobility and pre and postnatal work. Additionally, Rehab for sports specific clients, Marathon runners, boxers, footballers, basketball players and so on. You can do off-session training train with RGHB and get that PRIVATE TIME and dedication necessary for you and your goals.

Rghb provides one of the best services in the UK, they will help you achieve your goal as we want RESULTS! We will push you hard and motivate you to get that extra press up, extra chin up, extra distance and mile out of your body in a private studio or area agreed. rghb is the team you need for regular gains and hardbody traing for great results. rghb team of personal trainers will push you. motivate clients to achieve regular gains in an amazingly short space of time. Rghb personal trainers do not believe in giving up.

You will appreciate the benefits from the moment you have your free initial consultation. We will then start to develop a personal fitness training programme tailored to your own specific needs and then see your results start to develop and the hardbody come through to achieve your goals. rghb personal trainers will always make the training fun and exciting each and every time! Hardbody training will take you to new level



Maree ward

After years of being unhappy with my weight, trying different diets and gym programs, I took the leap and went and saw Richard. I went to Richard as a size 18 with an aim to get to a size 14 before my cousins wedding 3 months down the track. He prepared me, he told me it wasn’t going to be easy and he was right – it wouldn’t be called hardbody if it was easy! I was put on a strict diet and had a food diary, I found myself enjoying exercise rather than seeing it as a chore, if my body wasn’t aching the next day I knew I needed to push myself harder. Richard gave me a training program and increased it every couple of weeks when he thought I was getting comfortable with it. Richards training didn’t stop after the PT hour was over either, he would make contact every day or two to make sure I was still eating right and drinking enough water, he would push me harder in his Body Combat classes and if he saw me around the gym he always found a way to distract me so he could  increase the speed or incline of the treadmill! By the time my cousins wedding came around I had exceeded my expectations and was a size 10-12 and couldn’t be happier! I couldn’t have done it without Richards Hardbody trainingIMG_6906Maree ward